Can I use your sound effects commercially? 

Yes all sounds are Royalty Free meaning once purchased you own the royalties and can use them within your projects, See our Terms and conditions for more information. 


How do I receive and download my purchased product? 

You will be emailed with an exclusive downloadable link to the product. 


I have put the wrong email address! 

Contact us via ben@audiopad.store and we will resolve the issue. 


I haven't received my download link? 

If you haven’t received your download link, contact us via the contact form and we will send you a new link. 


Once I purchase the pack, how long do I have to download it? 

Once purchased you will have 30 days to download the Zip file. 


I have missed the 30 days downloadable link, can I get it sent again? 

If you have missed the download duration, you will have to contact us at ben@audiopad.store and we will try and resolve the issue. 


How much are individual sound effects 

You will have to get in touch and tell us about your game and what you need. Usually the going rate for a personalised SFX is €1


I want to hire a Sound Designer and Composer for my game, how much would it cost? 

You will have to fill out our composition form regarding information and the compositions you need, we will then get back to you with a quotation. It all depends on the duration of the track and how many tracks, if you need it implmented etc.